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woman from Gaza Collect the stones for living

Jihad Abu Mohsen, a 49-year-old Palestinian woman, lived the rest of her life, only to collect stones and sell them after closing the doors in  my face

Jihad collected the stones and sold them to Al Hoceima factory near her house in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip
She married a man with many diseases and had two children, Mohammed and Karim, and adopted a third child
Her husband is unable to work, so she decided to work alone to provide a decent life for her and her family, which she built after a long time of patience
She begins her journey every morning after preparing a donkey cart. She began to search for stones in the streets of Khan Yunis, tirelessly, gathering here and there to fill her load and go to the stone crushing factory to sell for a little money (ten shekels)
At sunset, she buys the money she has collected as much as possible and returns home to save her family, after a hard day of work