This little angel can’t hear, she needs your help – الأمل الإخباري
القائمة اغلق

This little angel can’t hear, she needs your help

My name is Talia, a Palestinian from Gaza, and maybe you think how beautiful I am
This was my father’s first reaction when the sun was shining.

I saw the love of the world in their eyes. 3 months left, Mom Danya was talking to me all day, sing with me, play with me and interact with her, but

there is something to make her worried, faint!
My mother decided to take me to the doctor, and she wanted to feel reassured, and that’s what happened. Everything was good, until the moment the doctor said one word, it was the worst condition my mother ever heard!
“Then do not hear you!”
My mother and father were shocked, and I was thinking, What does that mean? Since when you know me you love me so much!
After days of crying, they decided not to surrender. Dozens of visits to doctors and they all met one word I can not hear anything literally!
My father almost lost his strength, but when they looked at me smiling and laughing, he gave them the strength to continue what they had started. As I told you, there is a secret to their love even if I was only 3 months old, and for that reason they made the decision not to surrender!
They made no effort to find a cure for their “I”, as if they were calling me. Finally, somehow they found a glimmer of hope the next day!
“Then there is dysplasia woven into the vestibule and placenta with the hyperlinks and must undergo the ABI process in the ear, which will cost you $ 60,000!” The doctor said.
do not run! This is our hope and that is why you