The international economy

The international economy

The international economy depends on the results of economic activity because of the international differences in the resources it produces, the things favored by the consumer and the international centers and institutions that influence them , they clarify the forms and outcomes of transactions among the members of different countries, including trade, investment and migration .

International trade analyzes and analyzes the flows of goods and services through international borders, such as supply and demand factors, movements of international factors, economic variables and economic integration. For example, the rates of trade quotas. The international financial study examines the international monetary economy and the international macroeconomic study across countries .

As a result of the impact on the economy as a whole, the international political economy is a branch of international relations and study the issues and effects of international conflicts such as international sanctions, national security, international negotiations and international agreements .

International Trade

There is a difference in the economic theory of international trade from the rest of the economic theory and because of the limited international movement of capital and labor, and so it differs from the tradeoff between the remote areas in one country, then the methodology of the international trade economy is different from the economy, in this regard, governments sought to impose restrictions On International Trade The impetus behind the development of trade theory is the desire to determine the consequences of such restrictions .